About Us – Galactic Swagg

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About Us

Galactic Swagg was created for rebels by a rebel. 
Galactic Swagg is the brand for those who redefine what it means to be fashionable.
It is a brand for those who push the boundaries of fashion with far out, out of pocket, weird, nerdy and color contrasting designs that people can't keep their eyes off of!
 For the outcasts , the trendsetters, the fashion killers, and for those who are true to themselves.. Galactic Swagg has some swagg for you!

Our entire goal as a whole is to push art and creativity in the best ways possible by creating art without limits or judgment, while benefiting and uplifting our community. We want to help represent the image and vibes of the Alt hip hop and Afro punk communities. Our designs, vibe, and energy will be as weird, hard, far out, and as fire as we want it to! Giving a voice, a space, and a community for those who feel, outcasted, under represented or judged. A safe space that challenges societal norms by creating dope apparel & content that stems from dope vibes and good intentions!





An entertainment Mogul, Erica produces, styles, and designs clothing. Georgia native now taking over LA. She has worked on the wardrobe teams of A list celebrities and has costumed on some of today's biggest shows! Now she is taking her tomboy diva style and bringing it to the masses. Erica’s fashion is completely out of the box, she continuously mixes trends, colors, styles, etc to create looks that are out of this world. So she created a brand for those who match her futuristic sense of fashion.


Cameron's background is in everything design from clothes, cartoons, and skateboards. Inspired by skate culture, 90’s cartoons, and the revolutionary surge of hip hop streetwear culture in our modern era; he seek to bring new bring new styles and silhouettes to life that at the same time seem pulled from the future, while reminding us of the wildly imaginative child still inside us all.


A storyteller by nature; Kylie is a dynamic editor with a sophisticated aesthetic and strong sense of story, rhythm, graphics, and sound. She discovered her passion for content creation, editing, music, and video in the digital space while studying Fashion at VCU’s School of Arts and leveraged her resources to self-teach on the side. After hours of continued education and refining her skills, she now possesses a nuanced flair in design with a tastemaker touch across her content. She has 5+ years of creative experience from producing album art to branding for music artists, startups, and small businesses and working with top celebrities in her wardrobe styling and music video creative direction roles. Kylie is from the DMV area just outside of Washington, D.C., but now goes back and fourth between coasts with LA as her home base.


Jelena is a fashion designer and fabricator. From creating spacex spacesuits to making wedding dresses or burning man costumes nothing is too much or too little for her. She enjoys all aspects of design and working along side a team that will blow fashion into the galaxies. Stay tuned!!